Saturday, June 22, 2013

RWNJ's Hallucinate at Netroots Nation

Here’s what CRAZY sounds like out of the right today.

Evidently they had nothing better to do than go to Netroots Nation and hang out with progressives.  Or maybe they were paid to go to Netroots and report back to the righties - as always, with lies.

This snip is in the short write up about the ALEC panel at Netroots yesterday – where they whined about the  “angry vitriol that the left” used against the poor old right-wing,extremist American Legislative Exchange Council.

Read this carefully – very carefully!!! 

Not satisfied by spreading the anti-ALEC message through one medium, Netroots panelists presented an eight-minute cartoon chronicling the group’s wrongdoings.

The clip featured A segment showing a rich man driving his stretch limo over a poor man, stopping with the wheels on the man’s chest. The rich man, lit cigar in-hand, proceeds to step out of the car and brag about all his accomplishments while the poor man suffers under the weight of the car.

Did you read it carefully????
A rich man?

A poor man?

I'm pretty sure (almost positive) that this is the cartoon, the two and half minute cartoon, they actually watched:

According to Wiki - the wite that this was posted on, watchdog dot org is sponsored by right-wing Franklin Center and : states that it abides by the Code of Ethics promulgated by the Society of Professional Journalists[4] and is guided by standards of the Associated Press.[5] On February 16, 2010, the organization was certified by Google News.[6]

Makes you wonder what those GOP dopes were smoking before they went to the ALEC session.

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