Friday, June 28, 2013

Jones (ALEC-NC) - Demonstrates the Extremist Apporach

When the first thing that a person does is the extremist thing to do – you really need to start questioning their ability to reason in a rational manner.

When it is a government official whose first reaction is an extreme reaction – without considering other more reasonable alternatives – you really need to question whether that person should be a public servant.  Looking for the extremist approach – over something more reasoned – is NOT a good quality in a government official.

Choosing, as your preferred stance,  to take an extremist position – rather than think out a more rational and moderate approach is not appropriate regardless of where you work.

There has to come a time when the GOP recognizes that the American Legislative Exchange Council and its members represent an extremist ultra-conservative viewpoint does not represent the majority of the GOP.

From HuffPo

North Carolina Rep. Walter Jones, an outspoken anti-war Republican, said Thursday that he was prepared to attempt to impeach President Barack Obama if U.S. military action in Syria reached a certain point.

"If Congress sends one troop, if one of our troops goes to Syria and is killed, I will introduce articles of impeachment against the President," Jones said at a Capitol Hill news conference,

He's been equally aggressive during Obama's tenure. In 2011, Jones sued the administration for getting American forces involved in Libya without first obtaining congressional approval.

I wonder if this extremist posturing has anything to do with a shared belief with other ALECers like Huelskamp who said ""A majority of Americans don't like President Obama as president"

In 2011, Jones sued the administration
In 2012, he prepared his first impeachment resolution regarding Syria, arguing that "the use of offensive military force by a President without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress" would constitute "an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under article II, section 4 of the Constitution."
In 2012, he prepared his first impeachment resolution
Now, you would think – over the course of time, Jones would have figured out a more moderate way of handling this situation – but no, because he only thinks in extremes.

In 2013 – impeachment
In 2012 – he prepared his first impeachment resolution
In 2011 – Jones sued the administration
Doesn’t this guy have anything better to spend his time on?

Think about it folks - this type of extreme reaction, repeated over time does not promote anything in our country and serves NO purpose.
Eventually, the people of the USA will begin to understand threat the conservative movement that Paul Weyrich started is destroying the RepubliCON party because of their extremist views held by the conservative movement.

The conservatives of today are the extremists of the GOP – they are the WRONG part of the right.

We must repeatedly denounce right-wing extremist organizations like ALEC – for the extremist groups that they are – and bring to light the extremism of ALEC members.

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