Friday, June 28, 2013

Pope (NC-ALEC) This is What Fascism Looks Like

There is a link in a Think Progress piece today about North Carolina.
That link takes you back to an article that written before Moral Monday protests started.

The April article begins:

In 2010, Republicans took over both houses of the North Carolina legislature for the first time since 1870, due in no small part to the spending of a single, very wealthy Republican. As Jane Mayer reported in 2011, “three-quarters of the spending by independent groups in North Carolina’s 2010 state races came from accounts linked to” wholesale baron Art Pope. Of the 22 state legislative races targeted by Pope’s family and his organizations, 18 fell to Republicans. Yet Pope’s bought-and-paid-for legislature had limited reach until very recently thanks to the state’s Democratic Governor Beverly Perdue. That all changed last January, when Perdue was succeeded by Republican Gov. Pat McCrory.

PLEASE read the whole article.

Not mentioned in that article is that McCrory then appointed / anointed Art Pope to help destroy North Carolina.

RALEIGH — Gov.-elect Pat McCrory expanded his cabinet selections by three on Thursday, and named a trio of key staffers that includes controversial political financier Art Pope.

Pope – whose network of organizations promotes a limited-government agenda – will be the new governor’s top budget-writer. A multimillionaire, he will take a leave from his retail chain store business, as well as from his family foundation and all public and nonprofit boards he serves on in order to take the job without pay.
So what you have here is
Under Citizens United a multi-millionaire businessman bought a state legislature.
Then the multi-millionaire businessman got a position running the state.

And then all hell broke loose
because what Pope bought - was a legislature that hates the public.

Why does the legislature that Pope bought hate the public?
Because they are almost all members of the extremist pro-corporate, American Legislative Exchange Council, INCLUDING POPE.

Verifiable past ALEC member
    probably still is
Multi-millionaire businessman
   Buys a state
      then get annointed to
   Help run the state


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