Friday, June 28, 2013

Gun Nuts - Ruining Family Fun - becausetheycan

Last week I wrote about a bunch of gun nuts who were going to open carry at a family friendly event here in Minnesota - called Open Streets.  Open Streets is kinda like a big old block party designed so the kids can ride their bike in the streets and the adults don't have to worry.  The open carry gun nuts were going to force their weapons into the faces of the children (some who have been traumatized by gun violence) kids - who just wanted to safely ride their bikes on the blocked off streets - Why? becausetheycan.

Well they eventually decided to backoff - the fact that they felt they could do it in the first place was pretty damn obnoxious.

Well - the gun nuts have done it again.
From Think Progress:

A group of Tea Party members caused fear that a Colorado town’s 4th of July parade won’t be safe to attend because they’ll be carrying weapons.
The town of Westcliffe normally has a lively 4th of July parade every year and is described as the busiest day for businesses. This year, however, citizens were afraid of what will happen with as many as 300 people marching with guns slung on their shoulders.

The Southern Colorado Patriots’ Club sent a out a flier advertising the parade and instructing members to bring unloaded rifles, “especially the evil black ones.”

The gunnuts in Colorado are saying:
We can wreck any damn thing we want.
The rest of the US doesn't count - it's just ME and my gun that counts.
To hell with ya'all.

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