Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Biased ALEC Economic Report - Based on Extreme Partisan Variables

This headline on Google Search has been bugging me for over a week - - so I finally decided to open up the article.
And what a gold mine it proved to be.

I have repeatedly written that the economic report released by ALEC if partisan and biased in it’s methodology and it’s results and this article confirms that.

    according to the latest annual report on state economic performance released Thursday by the American Legislative Exchange Council. 

The ALEC report also finds that Utah has the best economic outlook this year, and Vermont the worst.
RED - - - - BLUE

That outlook ranking is based on more than a dozen public policies that the authors say are closely related to economic growth — including various tax rates, workers compensation costs, minimum wage laws, right to work laws, government jobs as a share of the workforce, and debt service as a share of tax revenues.

In addition, an IBD analysis of the data finds that conservative, Republican states vastly outperformed liberal, Democratic states over the past decade on jobs and economic growth, and attracted more people to their states.
Based on ONLY the analysis of specific, biased RED economic POLICIES

And here we get to the good part - - - proves the bias
In fact, of the 10 states that had the best economic performance over the past decade, all but two — Nevada and Washington — are solid red states,   

At the other end of the spectrum, all but two of the worst-performing states are solidly blue.
And into the future based on the report - ALEC evidently has a magic crystal ball.
In addition, of the 10 states expected to do best economically this year, only two — Virginia and Florida — aren't solidly Republican.
Currently, Virginia and Florida both act like extremist Republican states when it comes to their legislation, lately.  (Virginia is putting an ALECer on the ballot for governor - their present governor is an ALECer.)

That’s why ALEC projects better things for those two states in the future  - based on biased partisan constructs and analysis of biased partisan variables.

And of the 10 states expected to fare worst, all but one — Montana — are solid blue states.
Of course - - - - - they are blue states. 

If the left did this – Faux News would be broadcasting it 24/7 about the bias of the report.
But that is what happens – when the RepubliCONS own the media.

As noted in a recent report by Good Jobs First and the Iowa Policy Project
Selling Snake Oil to the States: The American Legislative Exchange Council's Flawed Prescriptions for Prosperity
"Rich States, Poor States provides a recipe for economic inequality, wage suppression, and stagnant incomes, and for depriving state and local governments of the revenue needed to maintain the public infrastructure and education systems that are the true foundations of long term economic growth and shared prosperity."
It's one thing to read that - it's another to actually see how ALEC policies play out.
by Nick Surgey — May 2, 2013 - 8:46am

Six influential state tax studies by anti-tax organizations including the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), are “deeply flawed,” include “highly inconsistent findings” and constitute “ideologically charged pseudo-social science published to further the interests of corporations and rich people,” according to a major new report released by Good Jobs First, titled "Grading Places: What Do the Business Climate Rankings Really Tell Us?"


According to Good Jobs First, the studies “are not about jobs and income, but rather about ideology." The success criteria selected by the authors of the studies, match the organization’s policy objectives.
"The success criteria selected by the authors of the studies, match the organization’s policy objectives."
“are not about jobs and income, but rather about ideology.
What does that mean?
A research report based on:

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