Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WI Proves - ALEC Economic Report Misleads Public

It's disgusting that the ALEC economic report gets so much press - when there is one state out their that specifically shows that implementing ALEC economic policies is NOT good for the people.

Governor Scott Walker - an ALECer, with the help of ALECers in the Wisconsin legislature, has followed the ALEC legislative playbook, since he first stepped into office.  He has implemented every nasty thing that ALEC pushes from tort reform, to de-unionization, privatizations of government services, voter restrictions, and ultimately, to selling public assets.

In the most recent ALEC economic report Wisconsin jumped 17 places in the ALEC standings - as a sign that Wisconsin - according to ALEC - was doing so damn good. This should be proof to anyone that the ALEC report uses flawed analysis of partisan and biased variables.

Here's what extremist American Legislative Exchange Council economic policies result in.

Here’s what just showed up in deeply-Republican Waukesha County, Wisconsin:
 From a rebuttal to the ALEC economic report - you have this important statement:

In actuality, Rich States, Poor States provides a recipe for economic inequality,  wage suppression, and stagnant incomes,  and for depriving state and local governments of the revenue needed to maintain  the public infrastructure and education  systems that are the true foundations of  long term economic growth and shared  prosperity.
And the citizens of Wisconsin will agree.

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