Friday, June 14, 2013

Walker (WI-ALEC) - Jan 2013 Anti-Abortion Proclamation

Walker signing the new anti-choice bill in Wisconsin is making the rounds of the online news agencies this morning.  While reading one it brought me back to an entry that I had posted just five months ago - which should have been seen a precursor to what is happening today.  Some may have forgotten about this - and I thought it would be a good time to dig it out of the dregs.

My post from January 2013:
Making the rounds today is the fact that Scottie Walker signed a proclamation on January 7th that no one knew about – no one except the right wing extremists that Walker was pandering to.
The proclamation isn’t publicized on the governor’s webpage as a proclamation 
– but the right-wing extremists who received the proclamation it are very proud of it.
Wisconsin Right to Life released a press statement late last Friday afternoon stating, “The original copy of the Protect Life Day Proclamation was sent to Wisconsin Right to Life by the Governor’s office and now hangs in the Wisconsin Right to Life State Office.” The Governor’s office has no publicly scheduled event to publicize Protect Life Day.

Unfortunately – Scottie decided to use the pen that is issued by the government to affix his name as a governmental official to LIE.

Annie Laurie Gaylor, Co-President of the Freedom from Religion Foundation pointed out the lie memorialized in the proclamation.  “Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in the first trimester without restrictions; it limited regulation in the second trimester to protect the woman’s health and safety; and it gave the government the right to restrict or bar third trimester abortions.”

My emphasis
She added, “Walker should retract and apologize to the citizens of Wisconsin for his shameful misstatement. Truth should matter, even to a fundamentalist.”

Extremist right wing Republican
While Walker’s back alley deals with rightwing religious extremists are going unnoticed by the mainstream media, supporters of women’s rights and open government have taken notice.

Jenni Dye, Executive Director of NARAL Wisconsin said, “This is yet another reminder that despite the fact Walker says he’s going to be more moderate, he has an extreme agenda that he wants to hide from the Wisconsin people in order to gain reelection. We will not be fooled by that.”

Makes you wonder - what else has he proclaimed in private backdoor meetings and to whom?

The poster boy of the Republican Party.

A daring women contacted Scotties Office in regards to this.

Read her monologue

Here’s the update from her post:
Update 2 1/22/13 9:25 am:
The Governor's office just confirmed to me that he DID sign this proclamation and that it should have been make public on the Executive Orders page of his website. It is not there. The most recent posting is from 1/4. This proclamation was willfully withheld from the public and issued only to special interest groups, presumably to avoid controversy.

By the way - I just checked the governor's proclamation page - reviewing January and February 2013 and this proclamation is still not publicized.

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  1. I notice another lie, common to authoritarians: that "the first and primary duty of government [is] to protect its citizens".

    The first and primary duty of government is to *uphold the Constitution*, which is why Walker was sworn to do exactly that in order to assume his current office.