Friday, June 7, 2013

The ALEC Ethos - LIES, LIES and more damn LIES

This morning PRWatch released an important article about the work of the Center for Media and Democracy to ensure transparency of ALEC’s influence on our state legislatures.  It is important to everyone in ALL 50 states.

I strongly recommend you read the entire article
Though filed in Wisconsin, the suit has relevance in all 50 states, since ALEC has declared itself immune from every state’s public records law.
A snip of this very important article:
CONTACT: Brendan Fischer,

MADISON -- The Center for Media and Democracy filed suit Thursday against Wisconsin State Senator Leah Vukmir, a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and the treasurer of ALEC's national board, over her failure to disclose ALEC-related materials under Wisconsin’s public records law – possibly because ALEC told her to keep the documents secret.
The work of the Center for Media and Democracy is very important.
And what they are doing is vital to our democracy.

With that said – I want to go somewhere CMD can't go.  And I will use CMD's article to make a point - even though they probably wouldn't want me to.




For over three years I have repeatedly exposed LIES intentionally told by ALEC members - to cover their involvement with ALEC.
Why are LIARS in our state legislatures?
Why do voters keep re-electing LIARS and plagiarizers (cheaters)?
Are people so apathetic that they don’t care what kind of immoral people serve in our state houses?
From the PRWatch article:
(my emphasis)
Sen. Vukmir, a member of the ALEC national Board of Directors, the ALEC State Chair for Wisconsin and the ALEC “legislator of the year” for 2009, had previously released ALEC-related documents through public records requests, but her responses have recently dried-up.

Sen. Vukmir claimed that she had no meeting agendas, model bills, or other documents relating to ALEC's most recent meeting

Additionally, Senator Vukmir apparently sponsored a new “model bill” at the ALEC that was adopted by the organization, according to text messages obtained from a separate public records request, but Senator Vukmir claimed she had zero documents relating to her proposal.



Lying by Ommission - is lying.
Half-truths - are lying.
Distorting the facts about ALEC  - is lying
Denial of participation in ALEC - is lying
Exaggeration of what ALEC does - is lying
Introducing ALEC legislation - as your own - is lying
Misleading constituents - is lying
Taking an oath of office to serve the people and then serving the free-market - at the expense of the people - is lying.
Not disclosing an ALEC membership to constituents - is lying.

We have to stop the LIES!
We have to stop the LIARS!
We have to stop the ALEC plagiarizers - cheaters - introducing ALEC legislation (in whole & in part) as if they wrote it themselves.


Donate to the Center for Media and Democracy
So they can continue their important work!!!

Dig into your pocketbook/wallet and support this vital organization!!!!
This is a 501c3 worth supporting.

(And NO – I don’t work for CMD and I am NOT connected to CMD in any form)

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