Saturday, June 29, 2013

GOP - Screw the Cities - Screw the People

I saw this tweet on one of my favorite tweet roll.

Social media is so important – cause now we can share what is happening – or happened – across the states.  Sometimes what looks new, has already been done by the GOP elsewhere.

I thought I should show the world what happened in Minnesota – while we were under RepubliCON rule. What is happening in Wisconsin - was done to Minnesota by extremist RepubliCONS over the past 10 years.

The Minnesota RepubliCONS  “no new taxes” and let’s "protect the rich" policies of the MN RepubliCONS over the past decade – hit average Minnesotans in their pocket book.

The RepubliCONS over the past decade screwed Minnesota cities -  by cutting the state aid to Minnesota cities.   

The cities had to get the money – from somewhere – to make up for the RepubliCON cuts to cities.  So the cities raised property taxes.

Property taxes in Minnesota have increased 86 percent over the past 10 years,

Over the course of the past ten years - my house has lost 30% of it's value.
Over the course of the past ten years - my property taxes have doubled.
   Solely due to "screw the public, help the rich" RepubliCON policies.
Yesterday I got a notice from my mortgage company that my payment was going up - because my property taxes have gone up, AGAIN.  My house has had no icnrease in value - but my property taxes are still going up.  The  residual affect of a decade of "screw the public, help the rich" RepubliCON tax policies in Minnesota.

This year with Democratic leadership restored in Minnesota – the aid to cities has been reinstated – but you can bet your sweet a$$ that our property taxes – that were forcibly raised because of RepubliCON policies – will not go down.

Wisconsin has to get rid of the RepubliCONS in their legislature and governors mansion – or they too will see this type of property tax increases.

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