Thursday, June 6, 2013

ALEC - pre-prepared, donor-friendly model legislation

Found this quote on the South Dakota Democratic Party webpage.

The SDDP is waging was against taxpayer paid ALEC junkets and they are doing an amazing job.

Their publicity war has been very effective - letters to the editors, petitions, etc - SDPP is on top of this issue and they should be applauded.  They have take a stand against the extremist American Legislative Exchange Council - at the most basic level - their state!!!!

Ryan Gruber, 35, of Sioux Falls, is principal horn for the South Dakota Symphony and a former Republican legislative staffer in Wisconsin, 2001-2005.
“When it comes to public policy, ALEC is the middleman that wipes the fingerprints off the murder weapon. Major corporations and wealthy donors don’t want their names attached to legislative initiatives, as it makes passage more difficult. So they work through groups such as ALEC that gladly afford them the degree of separation that they need to better advance their agenda. How do they do it? Corporations cut big checks to ALEC. ALEC then holds conventions that state legislators (and sometimes spouses and families) attend with financial assistance provided by these same corporations (ALEC laughably calls them “scholarships”). Legislators mostly socialize, but attend a few meetings that primarily serve as a conduit for distributing pre-prepared, donor-friendly model legislation that these legislators then take back to their home states and try to pass into law.”

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