Tuesday, June 25, 2013

ACTION: Stop the TPP

You need to do this - really!
This may be one of the most important things you do all year.
A couple of minutes to read this.
A couple of minutes to contact your Congressional member.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership n.  1. A “free trade” agreement that would set rules on non-trade matters such as food safety, internet freedom, medicine costs, financial regulation, and the environment.  2. A binding international governance system that would require the United States, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, and any other country that signs on to conform their domestic policies to its rules.  3. A secret trade negotiation that has included over 600 official corporate “trade advisors,” while hiding the text from Members of Congress, governors, state legislators, the press, civil society, and the public.
Right now there are secretive meetings going on outside the purview of the world people AND outside the purview of our Congress.  The meetings are to draft an agreement that gives multi-national corporations major rights around the world.

This agreement is called the Tran-Pacific Partnership.
This agreement will allow corporations to have sovereignty over any country, state, county, or city when it comes to regulations.  The corporations will be in charge.

This agreement will allow corporations to supersede any law or regulation around the world.

The corporations are currently writing the Tran-Pacific Partnership in private and will bring it to President Obama for his signature this fall.   

The extremist American Legislative Exchange Council has supported the TPP for THREE YEARS - if they are involved - you know it is evil.
ALEC Boasts that it has
2,000  state legislators that support ALEC foreign trade policy
96  members of the US Congress that support ALEC foreign trade policy

As noted in an Inside ALEC article Nov/Dec 2011, written by a suit from the US Chamber
Since the agreement has important precedential [sic] value as it will likely serve as a template for IP protections for future trade agreements, it is critically important that the TPP negotiators seek the highest level of IP protections to achieve effective and transparent enforcements of IP rights.
One of the key provisions of this is the protection of intellectual property rights which is VERY VERY VERY important to ALEC members like Monsanto (GMO patent), fracking process patents and the ALEC tobacco companies (plain packaging legislation).

ALEC's "International Relations Task Force"  already has a resolution on it!!!
Inside ALEC | September/October 2010
Karla Jones, Task Force Director
Resolution Urging Congress to Pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)
The TPP is the most ambitious free trade agreement currently being discussed by the Obama administration and the United States Trade Representative (USTR) and it will reduce trade barriers between the United States and seven other countries in the Pacific Rim including Brunei, Singapore, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, and Peru. Free trade agreements are often times only bilateral, whereas the TPP involves multiple countries over four continents. With enlargement flexibility, intellectual property protections, and transparency provisions, the TPP is considered by many to exemplify the gold-standard of all free trade agreements and it promises to be the model for all free trade agreements in the future. The TPP has the backing of the current administration, making its passage much more likely. This resolution calls on Congress to support negotiations for the passage of the TPP, as this agreement will help 

From and ALEC International Task Force Meeting
“Support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership”
Representative William A. Hamzy, Esq. (CT)
Representative William A. Hamzy, Esq. (CT) introduced a resolution proposing Support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, as outlined in Consul General Mataira’s presentation. He contended that US involvement in the TTP could help counter growing Chinese influence in the area.
And will someone please tell me why – why a group of “ALEC state legislators” with little to no foreign diplomat experience are sticking their noses in this area.

Keep in mind that YOUR congressional member has not seen this agreement.
The agreement has been kept SECRET!
YOUR congressional member has not read this agreement.

We have to stop the Tran-Pacific Partnership – cause OUR congressional members are ignorant when it comes to the

We have to stop the Tran-Pacific Partnership.

You need to write to your Congressional member.
This is what you must say!
President Obama has said that he anticipates signing the Tran-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement this fall.

This will impact the United States and our way of life for decades.

Please send me a copy of this agreement so that I can review it.

Thank you,

Contact your Congressional member

Fro more information on the TPP


Keith Ellison Explains the TPP

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is the largest free trade agreement the US has ever attempted to negotiate. So called “free trade agreements” have been nothing more than one more tool by which corporations manipulate government to deregulate themselves and consolidate their power. Fortunately, we have a very strong ally in Congress in Rep. Keith Ellison. Unfortunately, very few people are even aware that TPP negotiations are expected to come to a head THIS YEAR. Help Keith get the word out by joining us for this public forum to learn what the TPP is, what it will do, and how we can fight back! The office of Representative Keith Ellison is sponsoring this event.

Keith Ellison will be at the Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation (312 Central Avenue SE), Monday, July 1st at 6pm to 7:30pm. Click this link to RSVP on facebook.

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