Tuesday, June 18, 2013

ALEC - LImited Government, Unless it Benefits an ALEC Member

It is sometimes, (not often) amazing to me when I see what ALEC members do.
The actions of some ALEC members could viewed not only as secretive - but as morally corrupt.

Here we have a member of the extremist American Legislative Exchange Council who believes in limited government – unless taxpayer dollars are paying for his personal expenses.   

Evidently for McDonnell, taxpayer dollars should be used to pay for “his” needs and as opposed to the needs of the people.

WASHINGTON, June 17 (Reuters) - Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife used taxpayer money to pay for sunscreen and dog vitamins, the Washington Post reported on Monday, a disclosure that comes as the Republican leader is said to be under scrutiny by the FBI.

The newspaper, citing spending records it obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, also said the McDonnells used state employees to run personal errands for their adult children and billed the state for deodorant, shoe repairs and a digestive system "detox cleanse."

The Washington Post has previously reported that McDonnell, who has been mentioned as a possible presidential contender in 2016, was under investigation by the FBI and a grand jury over a $15,000 catering bill from his daughter's wedding in 2011 that was paid for by a campaign donor.
ALEC members have a sense of ENTITLEMENT - because ALEC has taught them that entitlement is their right at their educational sessions - educational sessions held behind closed doors for ALEC legislators.  Private, secret ALEC educational sessions  with corporate lobbyists that teach ALEC legislators that the world is THEIR oyster and they should grab at it and hold on tight to the long-term ALEC benefits afforded by corporate america.

During the trip, McDonnell spent time at the Manhattan showroom of famed designer Oscar de la Renta, where she tried on a suede jacket that cost at least $10,000. Williams put the garment on his tab.

Williams also bought the first lady two pairs of designer shoes, a Louis Vuitton leather handbag and a designer dress, according to sources familiar with the ongoing investigations into her husband, Gov. Bob McDonnell.

And more 
A prominent political donor purchased a Rolex watch for Virginia Gov. Robert F. McDonnell, according to two people with knowledge of the gift, and the governor did not disclose it in his annual financial filings.

The $6,500 luxury watch was provided by wealthy businessman Jonnie R. Williams Sr., the people said.     The people spoke on the condition of anonymity because of an ongoing federal investigation into the relationship between Williams and the McDonnell family.

Williams’s gift came in August 2011 — about two weeks after he met with a top state health official to pitch the benefits of his company’s health products at a meeting arranged by first lady Maureen McDonnell, according to people who know of the meeting.

Tom Kludt 7:46 AM EDT, Friday June 28, 2013

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) declined to say Thursday whether he was aware that a $6,500 Rolex watch was a gift from a major political donor.

“I’m not going to comment any further on that,” McDonnell said, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Another Update

By Rosalind S. Helderman, Published: July 1 E-mail the writer

Virginia Gov. Robert F. McDonnell repeatedly used state assets for personal and political purposes, including directing state employees to work at private and political events, according to new allegations from McDonnell’s former chef.

The allegations come in court documents filed Monday as Todd Schneider defends himself against charges that he embezzled food from the governor’s mansion while working as the executive chef from 2010 to 2012.

In the filing, attorneys for Schneider contend that he was forced by the governor to cater a variety of personal and political events at the mansion and was essentially used as a “personal shopper.” They say he never got paid for the extra work.

WELL – what reaction you expect from an ALECer?

For 40 years, ALECers have been taught by the American Legislative Exchange Council that gifts from lobbyists are AOK.
For 40 years, ALECers have been taught they are special.

The truly sad part of this is that McDonnell has personally “groomed” the next RepubliCON candidate for Virginia governor and ALEC member – Ken Cuccinelli – for the Virginia governor's mansion and access to taxpayer dollars.

We have to stop this mentality of entitlement that has been taken by our elected officials and reinforced by the actions of ALEC - at secretive meetings, at posh locations!

August 7 – 9
Annual Meeting
The People United Will Never Be Defeated!
Forward.Together.Not One Step Back.
This is what democracy looks like!

Legislators who are members of the extremist American Legislative Exchange Council
        serve the corporations at the expense of the people
        who consider their constituents as below them
        who believe that they do not serve the people.

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