Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dems - the Dangerous Sheeple

Dems sometimes have a hypocrit syndrome.
We bitch about how the RebpulCONS act - but we refuse to look at our own behavior.
Kinda creates problems when we consistently claim credibility, based on the use of facts.

From Huffington Post – my new formatting

I couldn't make this up if I wanted to.
From Huffington Post – 

This is what happens when you blindly follow a leader
Regardless of whether that leader deserved to be followed – OR NOT - - on a particular situation.

I see this at Daily Kos a lot - where they defend the POTUS - regardless of what he is up to - because he is a DEMOCRATIC POTUS - Bullshit!  
He's an ordinary person who makes mistakes just like the rest of us and he needs to taken to task - when he f#cks up.

I don't think anyone deserves undying loyalty - that is how people like Hitler come to power.
No one is right 100% of the time - and it our responsibility to call them on it - when they are making decisions that are contrary to our rights.

Blindessly following a leader - becauseyoucan - is stupid!
DEMS – the new SHEEPLE
In a HuffPost/YouGov poll, Republicans and independents were most likely to say that collecting Americans' phone records is unnecessarily intrusive,
by a 65 percent to 17 percent margin for Republicans and 
by a 62 percent to 17 percent margin for independents. 
But Democrats in the poll were more divided
with 39 percent saying collecting phone records is unnecessarily intrusive and 
33 percent saying it is justified to combat terrorism.
SHEEPLE - towing the line behind THEIR POTUS,
In a Pew Research Center/Washington Post poll, 
majorities of Republicans, Democrats, and independents all supported the NSA monitoring, 
but Democrats were by far the most likely to do so. 
Sixty-four percent of Democrats called the surveillance acceptable, 
compared with 53 percent of independents and 52 percent of Republicans.
SHEEPLE - towing the line behind THEIR POTUS
That wasn't the case when former President George W. Bush was in office. A similar ABC News/Washington Post poll conducted in 2006 during the Bush administration -- after similar revelations that the government was collecting Americans' phone and email data -- found that 
75 percent of Republicans and 
just 37 percent of Democrats said it was acceptable 
for the NSA to "secretly [listen] in on phone calls and [read] emails without court approval."
NOT SHEEPLE - NOT towing the line, because it was NOT their POTUS,

DEMS – the new SHEEPLE
Giving away our rights – becausetheycan – to support an administration that DOES NOT deserve support on this issue.

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