Friday, June 28, 2013

Save a Speeder - Save Yourself

When I lived on the east coast, the area I lived in was really really bad for speed traps and highway cops hiding in the bushes along the highway ready to pounce..

After I had lived there a few months I was commenting to a colleague at work that people coming towards me on the highway were always flashing their lights at me and I couldn't figure it out.  Well - - they told me that two rapid blinks of the high beam was "speed trap"  - - - four rapid blinks of the high beams was "SLOW DOWN speed trap".

Anyway to present day.
The area I live in right now is really bad for speed traps and county mounties hiding in bushes ready to pounce at any time.  One night about four years ago, I decided it was time to teach the people in my area the blinking high beams technique.  I wrote a blog entry about it - and then started doing it - figuring it was a total waste of time - but what could it hurt.

I've been religiously blinking my high beams to oncoming traffic to warn of speed traps - day or night - for the past four years - just a double blink (this is Minnesotans afterall), thinking - who cares if I'm making a fool out of myself - no one really knows who I am anyhow.

WELL - tonight
I am on a piece of road out by where I live.
doing 55 - 60 on a 45.

An oncoming car gives me a quick two blink high beam
East coast automatic reaction
- brakes to slowed down
- thinking that was foolish
- no one here knows that signal

less than a 1/4 mile ahead - there sits a county mountie in the bushes with his radar gun pointed right at me.

For four years, every time I blinked my high beams to warn someone of a speed trap ahead - I thought I was wasting my time.
Tonight - some really nice person - saved me from a speeding ticket.
Save a Speeder - Save Yourself

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