Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Peters (SD-ALEC) Dems Will Benefit from ALEC

In relation to South Dakota forcing Dems to belong to ALEC.

Don’t blame me – this is what the paper wrote.

South Dakota Democrats say it's inappropriate for the state to pay for lawmakers' membership in an organization they believe is a conservative group dominated by Republicans and large corporations.

Republicans say the American Legislative Exchange Council involves both parties, along with businesses, and is aimed at developing better policy.

The South Dakota Legislature's Republican-dominated executive board voted recently to pay the $50 annual membership fee in the organization for all 105 state lawmakers. GOP Sen. Deb Peters of Hartford says the lawmakers will benefit from interacting with legislators from other states.
She forgot the part about interacting with corporate lobbyist secretly, behind closed doors at American Legislative Exchange Council meetings.

I think SD ALEC members may have dug themselves into an ugly, ugly hole on this one.
NOW - we need Iowa Dems to step forward and make Iowa stop buying group membership to ALEC for ALL legislators.

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