Wednesday, May 1, 2013

ALEC, Legislation Without Representation

TODAY - on the floor of the Ohio House and Senate
s pushing the ALEC right-to-work language.
The projection is that Ohio will be a right-to-work-for-less state
By Friday - Ohio will be Michigan #2.

They are limiting the debate.
They are limiting public input.

Bitter from a lack of support for his attacks on clean energy incentives, North Carolina Representative Mike Hager is promising some new, dirty tricks to revive the effort. His colleagues in the NC Senate appear to be helping, today advancing the Senate version of Rep. Hager’s bill through committee without counting the votes.

The bill was clearly a contentious one with a close “voice vote” — it’s impossible from listening to tell whether the Yeas (anti clean energy votes) or Nays (pro clean energy votes) were actually louder. Yet the Senate Finance committee co-chairman Bill Rabon talked over Senators requesting a hand vote and quickly adjourned the meeting. The Raleigh News & Observer writes:

    Opponents of the bill loudly voted “No!” to show their frustration at the Republican chairman’s decision not to count individual votes. In what was clearly a razor-thin margin, both sides said they would have won if votes had been counted.

The end of the session - ALEC nastiness has started.

YOU must watch YOUR ALEC legislator very carefully right now.  
You must be ready to act, to mobilize - at a moment's notice.

ALEC legislators try to make the public believe 
– through MISLEADING press releases 
that – ALEC legislation that is introduced 
– it is done with transparency 
– giving the public an opportunity to review the legislation.

As has been proven, time and time again - that is NOT true
ALEC legislators are NOT transparent.
ALEC legislation is NOT transparent.

It's time to wake up people!
We have legislators that are no longer working FOR US.
We have legislators who think they no longer need to report TO US.
Based on history 
–  right now in every corner of the country 
–  as the legislative sessions come to an end

Many state legislators who belong to the American Legislative Exchange Council are desperately trying to pass extremist ALEC legislation – without public input or without the public knowing about it, before the session ends.

Trying to get it done at the last minute - when they think no one is watching them anymore.
YOUR ALEC legislator is frantically trying to get extremist, right-wing, pro-corporate ALEC legislation passed or put as an amendment onto another bill that is up for consideration - before the session ends.

YOUR ALEC legislator is meeting in Oklahoma City this Thursday and Friday - where they will pick up more legislation that they will try to sneek in before the session ends.

YOU must watch ALEC legislators - - - -  carefully right now.
Right now - passing ALEC legislation - as fast as possible - before anyone notices
is more important to ALEC legislators, than your input!!!!! 


none of this happened in December 2012, when the Mackinac Center/ALEC Right to Work law was enacted in 5 days without a single public hearing or committee vote.

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