Wednesday, May 1, 2013

ALEC Legislators Subsidizing Private Education Profit with Taxpayer $$$'s

EXCELLENT article this morning, brought to my attention at Crooks & Liars

Almost a month old and missed the mainstream somehow.
Here's only two snips - an excellent read

April 10, 2013 - Culture Brew, News Brew - Tagged: April 15-May 15 Issue, Brooklyn, Charter School, education, Impact Schools, Michael Bloomberg, poverty, Queens, Restart School, schools 

In an era of corporate aggression into the public sphere, not even the classroom is safe. As the corporate reach extends into public schools, our kids are increasingly reshaped as products, as data to be collected, as pawns in the corporate fight to rid the country of unionized jobs. In our classrooms, the humanity and education of students is gradually being replaced with corporate systems and profit-values.


School choice, charter schools, and voucher programs are really ways to subsidize private education using public money. These failed, profit-driven policies are an extension of the corporate search for profit, an attempt to transfer public wealth to private hands under the pretense of “reforming” schools (whose failure, conveniently enough, was triggered and exacerbated in the first place by selective austerity policies driven by some of the same corporate groups now trying to profit from their failure)

IMHO - - - - - School Choice  = STEALING TAX DOLLARS for corporate profit.

Legislators who are members of the ALEC have been pushing school choice for decades.  Legislators YOU have elected intentionally turning over YOUR tax dollars - intentionally - your tax dollars to for-profit companies, enhancing their revenues.

Why? BecauseALEClegislatorscan
UNLESS - you stop them, by voting them out of office.

Corporate profit/greed - the middle name of the American Legislative Exchange Council.  ALEC even wrote a whole report on "Designing School Choice", that they distributed to EVERY ALEC member.

Anyone who is familiar with ALEC knows that everything they produce are” profit-driven policies   ...  an extension of the corporate search for profit”

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