Thursday, May 2, 2013

ALEC OKC - Protestors Outnumber, “ALEC Members” Attending

THANK YOU OK Brothers and Sisters!

Oklahoma Labor gets the ALEC Gold Star

What an Amazing Bunch of Protesting People!!!
Oklahoma Unions set a new standard that
has to replicated in Chicago in August!!
Bigger and Better.
As I noted in a previous post – the ALEC legislative turnout for the OKC meeting was dismal.
So much embarrassment for the struggling ALEC.

Anyhow on the first day of the ALEC conference – The AFL-CIO, Teamsters – pushed along by the Professional Firefighters – had a rally – which they livestreamed.

ALEC Not OK in Oklahoma

Mike Hall

Not everything is OK in Oklahoma and as far as Sooner State working families are concerned, that includes the extremist and corporate-backed American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).  This afternoon hundreds of union and community activists will join the Fire Fighters (IAFF) for a rally and march in Oklahoma City to ALEC’s annual meeting at the city’s Cox Convention Center.

When the semi's came one by one down the street in front for the hotel with the Teamster logo across the entire length of the trailer - I was brought to tears.  My Dad was a Teamster - I went to college on a Teamster scholarship.
Thank you Oklahoma!!!!!!

EVERY person that was interviewed on the livestream knew exactly what ALEC was all about.  They were amazing intheir knowledge and understanding of what ALEC is doing.  Oklahoma union brothers and sister  - you were well-spoken and amazing when it came to ALEC!!!

This is the most hopeful I have been in a long time - the OK unions inspired me.

More people turned out for the union rally against ALEC 
– than ALEC legislative members turning out to support their flailing organization.

Good for us.
Embarrassing – really embarrassing for ALEC.

That's really, really embarrassing for the American Legislative Exchange Council when protestors outnumber ALEC state legislators at their meeting.

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