Thursday, May 2, 2013

ALEC - Parasite Sucking Democracy Out of the US

The ALEC Annual Task Force Summit starts today in Oklahoma City.

Found an excellent entry this morning that is well worth your time to read and enjoy.
The whole thing is found

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This Machine Kills The Poor

Tomorrow and Friday, the overpowered copy-machine known as ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) will hold their large annual task force meeting in Oklahoma City.

You might expect that such legislation would be mostly fiscal in nature, dealing with tax rates, development, and regulation – but you’d be wrong. ALEC is known for pushing more ruthless, kill-the-poor type legislation – Stand Your Ground and Right To Work being the most easily recognizable, with voter suppression and “healthcare choice” acts hovering around the edges of the picture.

kill-the-public schools
kill-the-environment, kill the planet
kill-representative government of, for, by the people 

One especially ironic page of the report shows how the same organization interested in deregulation and small government pushes for taxpayer money to be used for memberships, conference fees, and travel.

ALEC legislation believes that taxpayer money should used for everything that ALEC and ALEC corporations want – and NOT used for anything the public (who pay the taxes) wants.

And the the best

These bills target the most marginalized communities in the nation for the express purpose of benefiting the most privileged persons in the world.

Wow! What a great statement!

These predatory measures directly affect folks’ abilities to take care of themselves and their families and communities.


ALEC is,  ...   a totally parasitic relationship.

Parasitic relationship!  Great phrase

Think of it – ALEC is the big 'ol wood tick of the US.
Think of it – ALEC is the big 'ol tapeworm - working its ways through the bowels of US, sucking out every taxpayer $$, to give to ALEC corporations.

ALEC using ALEC legislators to suck the life out of our governments, our schools, out unions.

Go home, ALEC, you’re drunk on coal and guns.

And corporate money.

Your state legislators at the American Legislative Exchange Council meeting, with corporate lobbyists, writing/voting on legislation - extremist, pro-corporate, ultraconservative, right-wing legislation.

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