Thursday, May 2, 2013

OR Charter School Terrorizes Teachers - Should be Sued

Charter School Terror  ....
Charter School - For profit Entity
Would this have happened in a REAL PUBLIC School - not on your life.
Cammie DeCastro, principal of the Pine Eagle Charter School in Halfway, Ore., admits that the plan she had to protect her school from an armed gunman is in tatters after two masked men stormed in and appeared to open fire on a meeting room full of teachers last Friday, The Oregonian reports.

Luckily, the bullets were rubber, the gunmen were school staffers, students were not in the building that day, and the whole thing was a drill. But the teachers were surprised.

If the exercise had been real, teacher Morgan Gover told the newspaper, only two of her colleagues would have survived. She said she was "shot" several times in the back and chest.
Saying that this is stupid - is an understatement - this is pro-gun terrorism.
This borders on a hostile environment - quid pro quo - you tolerate getting shot at with rubber bullets - if you want to keep your job.

What if someone had a conceal and carry and had shot the "gunmen" dead?
What if one of the rubber bullets had hit someone in an area that was immediately fatal?
What if one of the teachers had had a heart attack?

Will the teachers now suffer from PTSD?

Did the school district act recklessly and for no logical reason?
I say yes and

I think one those teachers should sue the school and take every damn penny that the charter school has.

If my boss did this to our office - I would immediately coldcock them, then sue them.

This situation is a disturbing ALEC juxtaposition - guns and charter schools - both championed by the American Legislative Exchange Council - further terrorizing teachers - in one swift move (teachers who have been the focus of ALEC right-to-work-for-less legislation).  Not only do we have that duality - but at my suggestion - a lawsuit - which is directly in conflict with ALEC's tort reform policies, which remove legal recourse protections from citizens.

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