Saturday, May 4, 2013

RepubliCONs Incessant Drivel

The hypocrisy of the RepliCONS – never ceases to amaze me.
What really infuriates me - is that 99.9999% of the time - they are never called out on their hypocrisy.

If you give them a deal on the popcorn they asked for
They turn around and say they really wanted corn chips because of ….
If you turn around and do something that makes corn chips more available to them
They bitch and complain that you removed their incentive to buy popcorn
If you give them a deal on popcorn and corn chips – they complain that they are really more interested in a deal on oatmeal
An on – and on – and on – and on -

They are just a bunch of forked tongued devils that change their talking points as the wind blows.

Take this for example, the current RepubliCON blathering and group cackling about Plan B emergency contraceptives:

"This makes no sense at all," Blakeman opined to Fox News host Martha MacCallum on Friday. "You have to be 18 years old to buy a pack of cigarettes. And the president is also encouraging criminal behavior because in most jurisdictions in America, engaging in sexual intercourse at 14, 15 years old is statutory rape. So the president is somehow saying, 'If you engage in that activity -- criminal behavior -- that's okay because the government is going to provide you the out for your bad decision making.'"
When in the hell have RepubliCONS ever been concerned with “rape” 
– aren’t they the party who OPPOSED the Violence Against Women Act?

Their contrived media concern about rape – is just another piece of RepubliCON drivel.

The only thing they are incessantly concerned about is controlling women’s uterus's and passing legislation forcing women to development of fetuses.
And hypothetically – the Plan B issue gives them MORE uterus's and fetuses to try and control..

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