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The ALEC Charter School Scheme - Rife with Fraud (MORE)

Entry number of two of an planned on-going series.

Fraud - stealing
Charter School Fraud - Stealing from taxpayers
Charter School Fraud - Stealing from the other children in the school district

Corporate profit - the middle name of the American Legislative Exchange Council.  ALEC even wrote a whole report on "Designing School Choice", that they distributed to EVERY ALEC member.


On Friday a jury convicted the founders of the Ivy Academiacharter school in the San Fernando of embezzling public funds and filing filing false tax returns.

Eugene Selivanov and his wife Tatyana Berkovich founded Ivy Academia in 2004 as a state funded charter school. An audit three years later found the couple had not kept public money separate from its for-profit companies.

During a three-week trial, prosecutors alleged the couple used $200,000 in public funds to buy groceries, clothes and other personal items -- and to fund a separate private school.


ALBANY — The former chief financial officer for the Brighter Choice Foundation, which provides funding and support to 10 public charter schools in Albany, has been charged with embezzling $202,837 from the organization.

The arrest Wednesday of Ronald A. Racela marks the second time in four years that Racela has been charged with grand larceny. Two years ago, Racela admitted stealing $53,931 from KeyBank in Albany, where he was employed as a manager in the Community Development Lending Group, court records show.


D.C. charter school founder charged with embezzling $29,000   A co-founder and former executive director of the now-closed Nia Community Public Charter School has been charged with embezzling $29,000 from the school, according to court documents


COLUMBUS, Ohio — Carl Shye Jr., who handled taxpayer money for charter schools in Northeast Ohio and other parts of the state, was charged Thursday with embezzling more than $470,000 in federal funds.

The funds were supposed to be used for the education of students at four charter schools in Columbus, Youngstown and Dayton between 2005 and 2011, according to the office of the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio.

The finance manager of a Santa Rosacharter school will face charges Thursday of embezzling nearly $400,000 to support a prescription narcotics habit, Santa Rosa police officials said Wednesday.

Sheila Accornero is suspected of writing checks to herself and hiding money through accounting techniques during the five years she managed the books for the Kid Street Learning Center Charter School on Davis Street, Sgt. Michael Lazzarini said.


The former business manager of the Philadelphia-areacharter-school network founded by Dorothy June Brown pleaded guilty Friday in federal court to his role in an alleged scheme to defraud the schools of $6.7 million.

In a separate hearing later in the day, attorneys for Brown won a bail reduction for the 75-year-old educator, who faces more than 60 counts of wire fraud and charges that she led a broad conspiracy to obstruct justice.

Anthony Smoot, 50, of New Castle, Del., pleaded guilty to charges that he participated in a conspiracy with Brown and others to obstruct justice and had obstructed justice during parts of a four-year federal probe of the schools.


A former school treasurer was sentenced to two years inprison on Wednesday for stealing more than $470,000 in federal education funds from four since-closed charter schools, including three in Dayton.

Carl W. Shye Jr., 57, of New Albany, tearfully apologized during his sentencing in U.S. District Court and others offered favorable testimonials, including from former associates of the schools. Shye handled the finances of more than a dozen former charter schools in Columbus, Dayton and Youngstown.


Leaders of KIPP San Antonio, a branch of one of the mostsuccessful charter school programs in the country, are reeling after learning a former employee may have embezzled tens of thousands of dollars from the school district's accounts.

According to KIPP board member Michele Brown, a member of the district's financial operation's team who was working from home last Thursday stopped returning phone calls and e-mail after 12 p.m.

The next morning, one of KIPP's financial institutions contacted officials to alert them to suspicious activity on an account. The employee didn't show up to work Friday and has not been located since.

So far, officials have determined that a sum “in the low six figures” was missing. Brown declined to reveal the total amount because officials still are going through all their accounts. The employee was fired for not showing up to work.

It also may have improperly received $87,101 from the state in rental reimbursements for its building lease agreement with the church, according to the auditor general's report.

Bloom, a former police officer with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, resigned in 2010 as CEO of the charter school, which serves about 325 students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

The Pocono Mountain School Board gave Bloom permission in 2003 to open the charter school with the provision that more than half of the charter's board of trustees could not also be members of his church.

Concern about the school quickly grew, however, and in 2007, an investigation led by lawyers for the district revealed that taxpayers had paid $900,000 to build a school expansion that included a gym floor emblazoned with "SHAWNEE TABERNACLE," that would revert to church ownership when the school's lease expired.


NEW Academy Canoga Park

    The former principal of NEW Academy Canoga Park charter school has pleaded guilty to embezzlement, the Los Angeles County district attorney's office said in a statement Wednesday.

    Edward Peter Fiszer, 40, pleaded guilty to one count of embezzlement by a public officer and admitted that the dollar-value exceeded $1.3 million, the statement said. Fiszer was immediately sentenced to five years in state prison by Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Judith Champagne and  ordered to pay $1,428,485.15 in restitution to the school.

An Adams County charter school official was charged with six felony counts and one misdemeanor Thursday in connection with the theft of more than $72,000.

The Adams County District Attorney's Office announced the charges that came at the conclusion of a three-month investigation involving Katie Squair, 51.

She is the founder and former business manager of the Community Leadership Academy and was accused of using checks, wire transfers and debits to embezzle money from the school, which opened in August of 2005.

These are only a few of the thousands of cases of fraud involving charter schools nationwide.

These are only a few of the thousands of cases of fraud involving charter schools nationwide.

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